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Feng Shui Product

Feng Shui Product    China Feng Shui Sources is a part of China Gifts & Crafts Wholesale Co., Ltd. one of leading wholesaler and retailer of China folk arts and crafts in Fujian province China. We are locate in Southeast of Fujian province and now we have maintained one wholesale centre and one online-store. We have been in Feng Shui Business line for over 20 years of experience and we have own factory.
   We can provide you with the latest designs and competitive price.  Our product lines include Chinese Feng Shui Products, such as Bagua Mirror, Compass, Buddha, I Ching Coin, Crystal, Churinga, Dragon, Elephants, Tortoise, Money Frog, Carps, Guardians, Lucky Bamboo, Kuan Yin, Kuan Kong, Feng Shui Lamp and more others for your Feng Shui business. Also other China Folk Arts & Crafts available, like Wall Hanging, Calligraphy and Chinese Painting and others.

   We have one factory and one farm. About 50000 square foot for our factory to make the gifts and crafts for feng shui items, which is made by polyresin, bronze, wood. porcelain and painting.

   For our Lucky bamboo and money tree farm, there are 600 acres and there are about 300 workers. We have a very strong farmers operating model program. We have good contact with hundreds of farmers cooperatives and thousands of acres of farmland. Due to our staff professionalism in cultivating and art modeling bamboo,Our modern equipment, advanced management experience and excellent quality.

   Our bamboo Quarantine meets the highest quality standards, we have all the documents needed to export. Our main products are exported to Europe Japan, America,Africa ,Middle East, etc.

   Our clients including Casino eGroup in France, Guinness in Malaysia, Relief in India, Merrill Lynch in Singapore, QVC in Germany and more others worldwide. Welcome to be our partner and you can get one stop sources of Feng Shui items.
  Feng Shui Product
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