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Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Numbers Marketing Guide

Ancient Chinese tradition has it that the number of lucky bamboo stalks have different meanings and bring different beneficial factors into your life. The ingredients for a happy life are Happiness, Wealth and Longevity. 

We now have several Perfect Combinations for you to choose from. Each one of our Perfect Combinations have a certain number of lucky bamboo stalks, each one with its own meaning and benefit, either for your self or as a gift for someone special.

1.      Three (3) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Bring Fu (Happiness), Lu (Wealth) and Soh (Longevity).
2.      Ten (10) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Complete and perfect.
3.      Towers - Better, Promotions, More of the Good Things of Life, Climbing
4.      Twenty-one (21) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: To offer very powerful all purpose blessing.
5.      Five (5) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Represent the 5 different parts of life from which wealth spurs from.
6.      Six (6) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Also sounds like "Luck" in Chinese, bringing prosperity and favorable conditions.
7.      Seven (7) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Good health.
8.      Eight (8) stalks of Lucky Bamboo: In the Chinese spoken language sounds like "Fah" which means to grow, thrive.
Same tiers tower bamboo has same meaning with above.
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