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Sacred Elephant:
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Symbol of Good Fortune--Worshipped and Honored, Sacred and Beloved Bookmark and Share
The influence of the elephant on mankind has always been found to be fascinating, bewitching, enchanting, charming and delightful. The role of the elephant in myth, legend, religion, history, folklore and war, has made it a symbol of splendor expressed in various works of art and literature throughout the ages. Historians, travelers, poets, biologists and even philosophers have hymned and marveled at the elephant, as the matchless symbol of strength, greatness and dignity, either divine or humane, endowed with super intelligence, rarely found among other beasts of the animal kingdom. The elephant is admired as the most marvelous creature in creation.
We can provide you 6 designs of sacred elephants for your business. Revered by India as a sacred animal, the elephant is a symbol of stability that is used in nearly every home. The India God Ganesha is pictured as having the head of an elephant. A sure sign of revered greatness.
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Product Specification
Mother and Son Elephants for love Feng Shui
Mother & Son Elephants for Love
Item NO.: EF101
Size: 20*14cm
Small Sacred Elephant
Small Sacred Elephant
Item NO.: EF102
Size: 9cm high
Small Global Elephant
Small Global Elephant
Item NO.: EF103
Size: 5cm high
Five Elephants on Bridge
Five Elephants on Bridge
Item No.: EF104
Size: 48*13cm
Love Mother & Son Elephants
Mother and Son Elephants
Item NO.: EF105
Size: 23*15cm
Imitation Jade
Eight Elephants
Eight Elephants Set
Item No.: EF106
Size: 37*17cm/box
Imitation Jade
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