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Gem/Crystal Money Tree for Abundance Feng Shui:
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  1. The Amethyst Gem Tree is believed to have great healing properties to bring great strength, peace of mind and contentment.  The Beautiful Amethyst Gem Tree would make a lovely present for someone who is suffering from ill health as it can be used in calming the energies and adding an atmosphere of serenity to the home. Display the Amethyst Gem Tree in the Northeast of a room to promote new health.  
  2. Rose Quartz Crystals are well known as the Stone of Romance and by displaying this Beautiful Rose Quartz Gem Tree in the Southwest area of the home or Bedroom will encourage a healthy Romance and can help strengthen the love between two people.

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Product Specification
Gem Tree with Crystal Leaf for Feng Shui
"Dragon" Gem Tree for "Dream come true"
Item NO.: GT101
Size: 15cm
Gem, Ceramic, Crystal
Money Tree for Feng Shui
Wealth Gem Tree for Feng Shui
Item NO.: GT102
Size: 30cm
Gem, Ceramic, Crystal
Gem Crystal Tree for Feng Shui
Gem Tree for Feng Shui
Item NO.: GT103
Size: 15cm
Gem, Ceramic, Crystal
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