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Mystic Knot/Lucky Hanging: 
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Chinese Lucky Knot,with the full name of Chinese Traditional Decoration Knot,is a popular handicraft with a history of thousands of years in China.It's appeared in the remote ages,developed in Tang and Song Dynasty and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty,rejuvenated in today. Bookmark and Share
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P1: Weave China Lucky Knots       P1, P2

Product Specification
Teapot Lucky Knot
Tea Pot Lucky Knot
Item NO.: LK001
Lucky Knot
Double Carps Lucky Knot
Item No.: LK003
Coins Knot
Double Happiness Lucky Knot
Item NO.: LK005
Ching Coin Lucky Knot
Item No.: LK007
Gourd Lucky Knot
Item NO.: LK009
Meave, Gourd
Large Coin Knot
Large Coin for Protection Knot
Item No.:LK011
Lucky Knot
Sailing Ship Knot
Item No.: LK013
Kuan Yin Knot
Item No.: LK014

Peacock Lucky Knot

Peacock Lucky Knot
Item NO.: LK002
Double Carps Knot
Double Red Fishes Knot
Item No.: LK004
"Heart" Shape Double Happiness Knot 
Item NO.: LK006
Jade Coin Knot
Jade Knot
Item No.: LK008
Round Double Happiness Knot
Item No.: LK010
Large Coin
Large Coins "Dragon & Phoenix" Knot
Item NO.: LK012
China Knot for lucky
Spring Knot
Item NO.: LK015
Love Forever Knot
Item NO.: LK016
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