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Wealth Carp:
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Fish represent success and keeping them in a pond or aquarium is said to bring good luck. Symbols of fish or artwork containing fish may be placed in the study or office to bring success and good fortune in business. We have more designs of wealth fishes to be collected for Feng Shui. Our wealth fishes can be rosewood, gold, imitation jade carving and fluorescent light and other designs. Click the icon to view larger pictures!  Bookmark and Share

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Product Specification Product Specification
Wealth Carp for Feng Shui
Wealth Carp
Item NO.: CP101
Imitation Jade Color
Coins Carp
Coins Carp
Item No.: BC2138
Size: 5"
Golden Wealth Carp
Wealth Carp
Item No.: CP102
Size: 18.5cm High
Golden Color
Large Wealth Carp
Item No.: CP107
Size: 25cm High
Imitation Jade Wealth Carp
Wealth Carp
Item No.: CP103
Size: 18.5cm High
Imitation Jade Color
Coins Carp
Coins Carp
Item NO.: CP106
Size: 20cm High
Nine Carps for Wealth Feng Shui
Nine Carps for Wealth
Item No.: CP104
Size: 36cm
Imitation Jade Color
Dolphin with Crystal Ball
Dolphin w/Crystal Ball
Item No.: BC2030
Size: 8"
Nine Carps to Dragon
Nine Carps to Dragon
Item No.: CP105
Size: 40cm
Three Dolphins
Three Dolpins
Item No.: BC2105
Size: 14"

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