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Kwan Kong: 
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Kuan Kung or Kuan Ti is the Legend of War and is also known as the patron saint of police, Armed Forces and guardian deity for politicians and business leaders. The image of Kuan Kung is at his most powerful when he is placed in the Northwest corner of your home; he is there to make sure there is peace and harmony for everyone in the home and protection for the Father (Patriarch).  Kuan Kung will help to make sure there is prosperity and luck for everyone. If protection is needed for the family make sure Kuan Kung is facing the main door to protect everyone from the bad energies. Bookmark and Share

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Product Specification
Kwan Kong
Kuan Kong
Item No.: KK101
Size: 24.5cm High
Kuan Kong
Kwan Kong
Item No.: KK102
Size: 24.5cm High
Guan Gong, Guan Di
Golden Kwan Kong
Item No.: KK103
Size: 10cm High
Rosewood, Golden Color
Kwan Kong
Great Kuan Kong Buddha
Item No.: KK104
Size: 63cm High
Imitation Rock Carving
Bronze Kwan Kong Carving
Item No.: KK105
Size: 20*40cm High
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