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Ching Coin:
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Symbolise prosperity and their meaning originates from ancient times when coins were used as amulets as protection against disease, evil or negative energy directed at the wearer. Also used in Feng Shui and the I Ching (ancient Chinese oracle).We have many designs of Ching Coins and Coin Products for Feng Shui. I-Ching divination coins! These powerful tools are very popular among I-Ching practitioners and Feng Shui masters. Originating from the late Ching Dynasty. Bookmark and Share

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Product Specification
Ching Coin, Buddha Coin, Bagua Coin, Three Coin, 9 Coins hanging
CC001-CC014: Ching Coin, Buddha Coin, Bagua Coin
Emperor Coins Set
Ten Ching Dynasty Emperors Coins Set
Item No.: CC016
Size: 1"*10pcs
Coins Sword for Weal Feng Shui
Coins Sword for Wealth Feng Shui
Item No.: CC017
Coins Ingot Design for Wealth
Coins Ingot for Wealth
Item No.: CC018

Large Coins Ingot

Large Coins Ingot
Item No.: CC021

Lucky Coins hanging

Lucky Coins Hanging
Item No.: WC08
Size: 15cm Long

1" Ching Coin for Wealth

Ching Coins for Wealth
Item NO.: CC009
Size: 1"

Prosperity Coins Bell hanging

Prosperity Coins Bell
Item No.: CC015
Size: 10" Long

Large Coins with Ingot

Coins Ingot with Larg Coins for Wealth
Item No.: CC020
Coins Ingot with Successful Ship
Item No.: CC019
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