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We provide you with some designs of Feng Shui Painting. You can paste it on the door or window (for ITEM NO. PT001-004). Also it can be hanging in  your home and office (For ITEM NO. PT005-008) .
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Product Specification
Feng Shui painting
Painting 01: Wealth painting (Zhao Cai Jin Bao)
Item No.: PT001
Size: 36*36cm
Painting 02: Wealth Painting ( Ri Jin Dou Jin)
Item No.: PT002
Size: 36*36cm
Feng Shui painting
Painting 03: Double Happiness Painting
Item No.: PT003
Size: 36*36cm
Feng Shui painting
Painting 04: FU Painting
Item No.: PT004
Size: 36*36cm
Kwan Kung Painting
Painting 05: Kwan Kung Painting
Item No.: PT005
Size: 82*36cm
Buddhas Painting
Painting 06: Buddhas Painting
Item No.: PT006
Size: 82*36cm
Kwan Yin Painting
Painting 07: Kwan Yin Painting
Item No.: PT007
Size: 82*36cm
Three Buddhas Painting
Painting 08: Three Buddhas Painting
Item No.: PT008
Size: 82*36cm
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