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  Special for 2007' Pig
- Bagua Mirror
- Buddha
- Compass
- Ching Coin
- Carp/Fish
- Crystal
- China Knot
- Candle Holder
- Dragon
- Elephant
- Fountain
- God of Wealth
- Guardians
- Horse
- Kuan Kong
- Kuan Yin
- Lion/Qilin
- Love
- Lucky Bamboo
- Lamp
- Money Frog
- Turtle
- Tool
- Wind Chime
- Wealth Tree
- Zodiac
   Wood Netsuke
- Others

God of Wealth:

The Tsai Shen Yeh or "Choy San" (God of Wealth) is one of the most popular symbols of Fortune and Prosperity. The God of Wealth is depicted on top of a Tiger. Dressed in auspicious Dragon Robes, he is carrying a gold ingot and a bundle of auspicious Chinese coins tied together with red string. Following collections of Gods of Wealth for your Feng Shui business. Bookmark and Share
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Product Specification
God of Wealth
God of Wealth
Item NO.: GW101
Size: 17.8cm High
Golden God of Wealth
Golden God of Wealth
Item NO.: GW102
Size: 5.2*4.4*9.2cm
Bronze with Face Gold Painting
Wealth Feng Shui
Golden God of Wealth
Item NO.: GW103
Size: 8.5*6.7*22cm
Bronze with Face Gold Painting
God of Wealth
God of Wealth
Item No.: GW104
Size: 20*40cm
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