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Representing the earth element, crystals are suitable for the southwest and northwest sectors. They are considered to bring luck to education, romance and social interaction. Hang an amethyst hanging crystal above the front door, in the inside, to deter thieves from your premises. 
Crystals fill a home with positive energy they will bring light and brightness for you and your family. They can be used all round the house to deflect negative energies, they are especially useful when hung in a window to encourage positive chi' as they fill your home with rainbow  filled with beautiful colours. Bookmark and Share

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Product Specification
like-minded Lock for Love Feng Shui
Crystal Lock for Love Feng Shui
Item No.: CT101
Crystal Rising Dragon
Crystal Rising Dragon
Item No.: CT102
Crystal Ingot for Wealth Feng Shui
Crystal Ingot for Wealth Feng Shui
Item No.: CT103
Wealth Crystal Pig
Crystal Wealth Pig
Item No.: CT104
Crystal Rabbit
Crystal Rabbit
Item No.: CT105
Crystal Dragon Head Tortoise
Crystal Dragon Head Tortoise
Item No.: CT106
Crystal Lion
Crystal Lion
Item No.: CT107
Zodiac Crystal Key Chain
Crystal Zodiac Key Chain
Item No.: CT108
Crystal Ball for Jabot
Crystal Hanging
Item No.: CT109
Crystal for Love Feng Shui
Crystal Round Piece
Item No.: CT110
Crystal Feng Shui Items
Cylinder Crystal Zodiac
Item No.: CT111
Kuan Yin Buddha on Crystal Lotus Flower
Kuan Yin on Lotus Flower
Item NO.: CT112
Crystal Sailling to Success
Sailling Ship for Success
Item NO.: CT113
Crystal Feng Shui Gourd
Crystal Gourd
Item No.: CT114
Crystal Flower Pot for Health Feng Shui
Crystal Flower Pot
Item NO.: CT115
Crystal Feng Shui Ball
Crystal Ball w/Stand
Item NO.: CT116
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