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Mystic Knot: 

Chinese Lucky Knot, with the full name of Chinese Traditional Decoration Knot, is a popular handicraft with a history of thousands of years in China. It's appeared in the remote ages, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty, rejuvenated in today. Bookmark and Share
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P2: Rosewood Lucky Knots

Product Specification
God of Wealth Lucky Knot
Wealth Knot
Item NO.: LK101
Dragon & Phoenix Knot
Dragon & Phoenix Knot
Item NO.: LK102
Dragon Knot
Dragon Knot
Item NO.: LK103
Double Carps to Success knot
Double Fishes Knot
Item NO.: LK104
Double Gods of Wealth Knot
Double Gods of Wealth
Item NO.: LK105
Double Sailing Ships to Success
Double Sailling Ship to Success Knot
Item NO.: LK106
Dragon Knot
Dragon Knot
Item NO.: LK107
Three Immortals Knot
Three Chinese Immortals Knot
Item NO.: LK108
Fu Knot
Fu Knot
Item NO.: LK109
Kuan Yin Buddha Lucky Knot
Kuan Yin Buddha Knot
Item NO.: LK110
Chi Lin Knot
Chi Lin Knot
Item NO.: LK111
Laughing Buddha Knot
Laughing Buddha Knot
Item NO.: LK112
Fu Knot
Fu Knot
Item NO.: LK113
All the Knots are made of rosewood with imitation jade centre.
Package Info: 71*47.5*30cm/20PCS/CTN
One Pieces in one inner box.
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